Servis projektorů

We are manufacturers, suppliers and system integrators of audiovisual technology.

The professional, correct and always reliable access of your employees to fulfilling their job responsibilities was one of the main guarantees that enabled the successful realization of the supply and putting into operation of the audiovisual technique. We were delighted to cooperate with your company.

Ing. Tomáš Bílek

CEO - Hochtief

We have been present on the market for presentation and projection technology since 2004 with the aim of designing a comprehensive solution and subsequent implementation of projects to the satisfaction of our customers. We have gained twenty certifications, accreditations and certifications for quality management, sales and implementation of training programs

  • In 2013, we became the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of a successful, mobile and interactive educational device designed for children's learning - Magic Box.
  • Do you need to design audiovisual technology for your premises? Please contact us.

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